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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Highest Paying Job in America with a Professional Degree

With speculations that our world is rushing towards another economic downturn with the happenings in the Euro zone, many are pondering about degrees or professional qualifications to take to get their dream job with the highest paying salary. Well, we have listed down the top jobs in America, where for this category, it would require you to invest your time to obtain at least a degree in the designated professions. 

This is the list of the Highest Paid job in the USA, as listed by Careerbuilder.com . Perhaps, this is a great guide for you, or your children to decide on their next professional degree or qualification. 

Top Paying Jobs Overall 

  • Physicians and surgeons -- $147,000
  • Aircraft pilots -- $133,500
  • Chief executives -- $116,000
  • Electrical and electronic engineers -- $112,000
  • Lawyers and judges -- $99,800
  • Dentists -- $90,000
  • Pharmacists -- $85,500
  • Management analysts -- $84,700
  • Computer and information system managers -- $83,000
  • Financial analysts, managers and advisors -- $84,000
  • Marketing and sales managers -- $80,000
  • Education administrators -- $80,000

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