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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top Paying Jobs in America for High School Graduates 2012

Obtaining a degree may pose a challenge to some especially during the times of economic uncertainty today. So people have asked if there are job opportunities for the moment for high school graduates in America? Well, we stumbled upon a website which listed down the High Paying Jobs in 2012 for Americans with High School certifications or graduates. 

Top Paying Jobs for High School Graduates 

For those who may have just graduated with a high school certification could still obtain lucrative job opportunities should they know where or which industry to look. 

For most of the times, they would need to self-learn these knowledge fields themselves, but with the advent of the internet, it would be rather easy for them to access such information. Work experience would still play a vital role in determining the success of these high school graduates in the job market. 

These occupations emphasize work experience and on-the-job training rather than formal education: 

  • Computer software engineers -- $58,900
  • Computer/information systems managers -- $56,400
  • Computer programmers -- $55,000
  • Network systems and data communications analysts -- $49,000
  • General and operations managers -- $48,000
  • Database, network and computer systems administrators -- $48,000

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