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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Working with Internet Giant, Google - Part 2

Avinash Kaushik recalls his experience of working with Google. He is now listing down the 10 Perks for working with the internet giant. From food, to employee facilities to flexibility, he has done an amazing work in sharing all that with us. So, this time he is going to talk about the food served in Google. 

Source and Pictures: Avinash Kaushik 
# 10: The amazingly fantastic food and impressive digs.
I am sure you have heard about the food, everything you have heard is true (and it probably understates the story).
slice cafe google
Brett had always said one of the reasons I should work at Google was the food. My reply was "My level of gourmet is Taco Bell". :)
But he was right. I am convert (and much to Jennie's delight my level of gourmet is slowly moving up!).
Google has impressive food. It is not just that it is yummy, it is, but it is more that the diversity of the food and how fresh everything is and the number of cafes and dishes that you'll encounter only in the nicest restaurants.
I still can't get used to the fact that every day when I walk into a cafe the food is different and delicious and healthy and mostly organic.
Here's just one example:
      Red beet "Ravioli" with tarragon, cashew filling and yellow pepper puree.
red beet ravioli google
It was to die for. And that's from a Taco Bell gourmet!
If you are at the Googleplex try to go to Cafe No Name (I love that place – world fusion food) and skip Charlie's. In Mt. View I also like Pure Ingredients, Slice (raw, vegan food, great smoothies as well) and Pintxo 47 (tapas!), each is unique in its own way. Hemispheres in NYC is also excellent.
You can eat every day at Google and never get bored. And you eat healthy, while having a nice one hour relaxing lunch with your co-workers.
As to the digs, I live in the Valley but I have also spent time at Google New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and London. If you visit them I am sure you'll agree they are cool digs.
Space Ship One in B43 in Mt. View. . . .
space ship one google
Maybe it is how each person personalizes their environment, maybe it is the vibrant colors, maybe it is the energy of people bustling around, maybe it is the pure oxygen that is pumped into each Google building worldwide (a reporter actually asked me that!).
You'll find cubicles that are 100% aluminum foil wrapped, others that are homages to star wars, others to universities or pop culture or countries or customers or …… its a long list.
Here's a good example. . . .
This past week I was in Atlanta and on my way to a conference room when I was stopped in my tracks. On my right was a Zen oasis. Mood lighting, bean bags and comfy chairs, plants, six small water fountains making bubbling soothing sounds. Ten mins in there will recharge anyone before or after a few hours of work (or after every hour of work!).
It is fun to work in a creative environment where collaboration is encouraged by the open layouts and yet you are never far from a nice view.

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